Hello and welcome to your own personal help desk.

It is an idea I have that I hope will help those who feel left behind in this new world of technology and help those of us who feel we were born a little late in the game.

I guarantee I was not born with a silver computer in my mouth. I started my computer programming career at the age of 30 and I am in my 28th year. I understand the struggles we deal with everyday. I also believe you will be able to get answers that help you without all the hassle of today’s complicated tech world.

I actually had no idea what I was going to be when I grew up. One day a friend of mine showed me a new and exciting thing I had never seen before. It was a computer and he knew how to make it do tricks. I was so excited, but felt like I was no where near smart enough at the age of 30 to learn something that complicated. But I took his challenge and you know what, I found that I actually could and 28 years later I am still learning.

You see the technology world is full of big words and acronyms that really can be said and taught
in other ways. Ways that make more sense to the everyday non-techie. I never really use those big words and never have.

Our world today, weather we like it or not is computerized. We cannot change that or go back. So
we live our life’s unhappy or we learn how to do what we need to do to communicate.

I am not talking about programming a computer to do tricks. That is not what this site is about. It is about the things that one needs to do to send emails, type a Word document and email it, how to create and upload a resume online. And even more if you want, but that’s up to you.

This site has a free area an area for more personal help and one where I actually communicate with you on the phone or any other way to get you the help and advice you need. I know I can help you.


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